Meetings and Deadlines

Planning Commission is made up of five Greenfield residents. A commissioner serves a 3 year term. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. There is no Public Comment at Planning Commission meetings but applicants are welcomed, by the chair, to address the Commission after City Planner review and commissioner's discussion. When a Public Hearing is scheduled; the public is invited to speak at the podium once the Public Hearing has been opened by the Chair. Comments are not limited in time but should be respectful and concise. These meetings are recorded and posted the next day on our website. So we ask that the residents wishing to comment do not speak from their seats but do so at the podium where the microphone is located.


Planning Commissioners:

Jared Alholinna - 2024-2026

Brek Perry - chair - 2024-2026

Julie Jones - vice-chair - 2022-2024

Steve Jeska - 2023-2025

Christine Kohnen - 2023-2025