Mayor and City Council


The City of Greenfield is a Statutory city operating under a Council-Administrator form of government. The Council consists of a Mayor and four Council Members. The State Statute provides for the Mayor and Council to have equal powers; however, it gives the Mayor the authority to act as the spokesperson for the community and declare emergencies.

The Mayor serves a two-year term while Council Members serve four-year terms. Elections are held in even numbered years, with the Mayor's seat and two Council Member seats open every two years.

The Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Please contact City Hall if you have an item you wish to present to the council. The deadline is the Tuesday before the Council meeting. 

Your Mayor and City Council Members welcome comments and input from you - the residents and local businesses of Greenfield.

City Council meetings are currently held live in Council Chambers at City Hall and recorded via Zoom. Feel free to attend in person or contact City Hall for virtual participation information prior to the scheduled meeting or listen to the audios after the meeting at your convenience.



City Council Meeting

The Mayor is the head of the City and speaks officially for both the government and the community as a whole.

Mayor: Brad Johnson (2023-2024)
Phone: 763.233.3597 

Current City Council Members are: 

Mark Workcuff (2021-2024)
Phone: 612.501.9546
Kyal Klawitter (2021-2024)
Phone: 612-715-3579
Corey Bronczyk (2023-2026)
Phone: 612-236-7944
Nick Roehl (2023-2026)
Phone: 763-477-6464 (Leave Message with City Hall)

Council Committees


Council Representative(s)

Acting Mayor

Kyal Klawitter

Street Liaison

 Mark Workcuff

Employee Review Committee

Brad Johnson and Kyal Klawitter

Northwest League Representative

Brad Johnson

Fire Service Representatives

Brad Johnson and Corey Bronczyk

Pioneer Sarah Creek Watershed

Mark Workcuff - Representative / Nick Roehl - Alternate

Hennepin County Sherriff's Liaison

Kyal Klawitter

Weed Inspector

 Brad Johnson